Initial Roadmap

Feb 2014

Who we are: A task-based network that leverages government innovators to help agencies deliver government information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Tag Line: Building a 21st century government one task at a time

Guiding Principles

  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Network
  • Culture
  • Operational excellence

Our Goals

Transformation of how work is done from stove piped agency model to one government By 2017:

A culture shift is occurring and agencies are leveraging the skills and capabilities of federal employees across the government when and where they are needed.

Professional development opportunities are available to Federal employees across 70% of all federal agencies.

A coast to coast network of government innovators providing adaptable, scalable, on-demand capabilities anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our model has been franchised or SaaS to one other agency.

Strategic Direction

Drivers: Capture Return Invest Reward1

  • Increase our impact by strengthening our network
  • Increase participation through engagement
  • Use technology to expand access to opportunities
  • Establish an innovative and scalable business process
  • Improve task outcomes
  • Use innovator input to develop new and transformative ideas to invest in and share
  • Build a culture collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing

1Digital Government division of OCSIT