About the program

Open Opportunities is a United States government program that is creating a network of federal employees working together to build a more effective, efficient, responsive government by sharing skills and collaborating on projects that support the mission of an agency or the government as a whole.

Here’s how Open Opportunities works: You come up with a great idea that would help your workplace, but you and your coworkers don’t have the skills to execute it. Rather than bringing in a contractor, you can post your project idea to Open Opportunities, where other people within your organization can see it and then work on it, if they’d like.

This innovative program has been proven to be effective, and while the idea hasn’t changed since it was first launched in May 2013, the details of how it works have evolved based on Lean Startup principles of starting small, with quick iteration driven by metrics and qualitative user research.

Help Needed

  • Writer / editor We have collected early documents and some interviews and would like to tell the story of how many dedicated individuals came together to make change in the US federal government, using a little bit of technology and a lot of imagination and oldfashioned hard work. On this website, we would like to tell the story of how the program was created, the software that fueled it, and what we learned through process. We typically start in Google Docs, then convert to nicely formatted pages here. We would welcome writers, editors or technical folks (also happy to teach some of the tech to writers who want to be able to create sites like this). If you are interested, please let us know on the OpenOpps mailing list.